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Our Mission:

"We provide etiquette and social dance instruction to help youth connect with others, refine social skills, and cultivate the qualities of good, kind adults."

Why Choose Austin Cotillion
At Austin Cotillion, we understand that today's children are growing up in a digital age where face-to-face interactions can sometimes take a backseat. Our mission is to bridge this gap by providing an engaging and interactive experience that focuses on connecting kids on a personal level while teaching valuable life skills.
Having Fun While Networking
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:Partner & Group Dance Instruction
Dining Etiquette Made Fun & Easy
Building Lasting Connections
Our unique program encourages children to interact, collaborate, and forge friendships. Through a series of fun and interactive activities, icebreakers, and team-building exercises, we create an environment where kids can form meaningful connections that extend beyond the cotillion experience. 
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Emphasizing Inclusivity & Diversity
We celebrate the rich diversity of our participants and embrace inclusivity. Austin Cotillion brings together children from various backgrounds, cultures, and communities, fostering an environment where everyone feels welcome, respected, and appreciated for who they are. 
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Modern & Relevant Etiquette Training
Our approach to etiquette is modern and relevant to today's world. We teach children essential social skills that empower them in various settings, such as school, family gatherings, and extracurricular activities. Our curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including introductions, conversation skills, table manners, and digital etiquette, which are crucial for success in today's interconnected world. 
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Fun & Interactive Learning Experiences
We understand that children learn best when they are actively engaged. Our cotillion program incorporates interactive learning experiences, role-playing exercises, and hands-on activities, making the learning process enjoyable and memorable. From mock social events to group projects, children have practical opportunities to apply their newfound skills and build confidence. 
Our One Of A Kind Game Show 
"Mind Your Manners" 
Makes Learning So Much Fun
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Fun-Filled Events & Celebrations
As former teachers we understand that when students are having fun the learning comes naturally. Each session offers two different theme days allowing the students to "dress up" and just have fun. The Final Ball allows students to display everything they have learned. There is a dance, a game show, awards, cake, and so much more!  
Partner & Group Dances
Dance is a universal language that brings people together. Our cotillion program includes partner and group dances as a core component. Through the joy of movement, children learn teamwork, coordination, and respect for their dance partners. From elegant waltzes to energetic group routines, our dance lessons enhance social skills, boost confidence, and create a sense of unity among participants. 
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Join Austin Cotillion Today! We invite you to give your child the opportunity to connect with others, build lifelong friendships, and develop essential social skills. Don't miss out on this unique and enriching experience. 

“The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any.” ~Fred Astaire


Molly Sylestine

"The Fishers did a wonderful job teaching etiquette, manners and social dance in a way that is relevant for our kids today. My daughter enjoyed the time with friends and she was able to use her new skills at family holiday gatherings this year."

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