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Welcome To Austin Cotillion (The FUN Cotillion)

A Modern-Day Approach To Social Behavior


Austin Cotillion offers a modern-day multicultural approach to etiquette training. Our students understand that manners and etiquette are not about memorizing strict rules, but rather a behavioral choice that demonstrates respect for everyone. Respecting others encourages acceptance which will help them thrive in this exponentially diverse world.  


It is no secret that highly developed social skills give students a significant advantage in their personal lives and professional careers. Good social skills can provide a competitive edge and mean the difference between success and failure in many aspects of life. This includes networking, interpersonal communication, self-confidence, positive first impressions, self-esteem, and taking on leadership roles.

These high-energy, fun-filled, classes are designed to develop interpersonal skills through leadership activities, etiquette training, good manners, emotional intelligence, social dance instruction, and character building.

Having Fun With Old Friends While Making New Ones! 
Manners / Etiquette / Self Confidence / Success

Partner Dance Teaches Teamwork, Cooperation, & Respect

In addition to the live etiquette training, students will also learn several social dances including, but not limited to Swing, Waltz, and Rumba. These dances reinforce the ideas learned in class and gives the students real life experience with social interaction, cooperation, respect, and teamwork as they learn the steps together.

Why Are These Classes So Much FUN

Our instructors are professional speakers, educators, ballroom dancers, and entertainers who know how to make this information both FUN and MEMORABLE. Your student will be actively involved in the learning process as we strongly believe that students learn by doing. Most of our instruction is taught through interactive role playing and our one-of-a-kind game show "Mind Your Manners". When your student is relaxed. laughing, and having a good time, the learning comes naturally.

We Can't Wait To Meet Your Student


We have a waiting list every year. Please don't wait to sign your child up for this amazing opportunity! 


“The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any.” ~Fred Astaire

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